Wedding Traditions – there’s a lot of them!

From not seeing the bride before the day, to having your dad walking you down the aisle, to the first dance; it can all seem like a lot to pack into your big day! *que the stress and decision making.

Before you start stressing, we’ll let you in on a little secret… you CAN say no to traditions. Yes, we know it’s shocking but apart from having a registered celebrant, the whole wedding is completely up to you! 

For some couples, traditions are one of the most important factors in contributing to the perfect wedding. For others, traditions are too rigid to fit in with their style of wedding. Both are correct. With so many traditions to choose from, it can be hard deciding which ones to keep and which ones to go without. Madden & Co are here to help you figure out exactly which elements will play a part in making your big day your version of the perfect wedding. 

Traditionally, it is said to be bad luck for the Groom to see the Bride before the big day.  Unless you’re incredibly superstitious, most couples don’t believe that seeing each other will curse the marriage. An exciting and romantic alternative is to get ready together… why not?!  Why not revel in the special moments before the I do’s? If you are still committed to the suspense of seeing each other all dressed up for the first time, why not have your photos taken before the ceremony and have the reveal captured on film! Your wedding is about your love for each other, so don’t be afraid to savour those private moments. 

Another tradition that is now more regularly broken is the bride having her father walk her down the aisle. In ye olden days, this gesture was used to symbolise the father giving his daughter to her soon to be husband, which can be seen as quite old fashioned. However once again, your wedding, your tradition! It can still be a beautiful and special moment having your dad walk down the aisle with you. However, there can be a number of reasons why this may not be an option for you and that is okay! It can be any special person in your life, such as your Mum, Grandparent, Sibling or even your furry best friend?! Or if you’re feeling really brave, walk yourself! 

While we are all for a couple having their first dance together, this tradition isn’t for everyone. For most couples, dancing together probably isn’t a big part of their love story, or one (or both) of the parties may be cursed with two left feet.  There are so many alternatives to enjoying your first moments together as husband and wife and a lot of different ways you can personalise it! For a couple of karaoke buffs, why not sing a song together? Or if you would rather stay out of the spotlight in general, invite your guests up to start the party with you!

A tradition that is slowly departing the wedding tradition train are Bombonieres. We don’t need anything else to add to the back of the cabinet collecting dust.  A modern way of saying thank you to your wedding guests is donating to charity on their behalf. If you’re going to spend money on thanking your guests, this is definitely money well spent. Google states 70% of couples say they will spend $1-$5 per piece, 23% will spend $5-$10,  7% of couples will spend $10 + per piece. 

There are so many elements involved in making your wedding the incredible event you have both envisioned and that’s even before thinking about what traditions you want involved!  Whether you are keen to keep all, some or none of them, get in touch with Jen and the team at Madden & Co – they’ll be sure to help you plan your perfect wedding from start to finish. 


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