First, great question. There are so many pros and cons for both, but essentially it comes down to two factors – how you want to spend your wedding day and how involved you want to be. Before we get down to the fundamentals of both, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. How involved do I want to be in the planning of my wedding?
  2. Do I want to be the liaison for vendors on the day of my wedding, or do I want to relax and enjoy the day without having to worry about the incidentals?
  3. Do I want to have to bring all the decorations/set up as well as pack down the following day, or would I prefer to have this done for me?
  4. Do I want to organise everything and all the vendors, make all the calls, answer all the emails?
  5. Do I want to do the ordering and organise the little details that make weddings run smoothly?

Regardless of how you answered, let’s deep dive into the differences between DIY and hiring a Wedding Planner.

So you want to DIY?

You have all the ideas and the execution in your head, ready to create some magic. You know your venue and have a stack of help leading up to and on the day. DIY sounds perfect for you. You want to be in control and have a vision of how your beautiful day is going to plan out (well done!), so having the capability to be able to do it yourself feels right for you and your partner. Be prepared that this option will be fairly time consuming, not only during the planning process but on the day as well! DIY can sometimes be more expensive too, with added shipping costs and additional fees.

No way – please help me!

Does the thought of planning overwhelm you? Would you prefer to hand your ideas over to us and have the rest taken care of? Doing it yourself can be stressful as it gets closer to the big day, but if you want to get sipping on that champagne sooner, relaxing while we take care of all the details, we would absolutely love to help

Booking an initial consultation with us is easy, reach out to us via the contact link and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment. This is where we thrive, creating an event of your dreams, and helping you enjoy your day without stress.

Our team of incredible stylists ensure everything is perfect, while co-ordination is Jen’s forte, from planning your day with you to the actual on the day co-ordination.

Reach out to organise a consultation today, we would love to help you create something magical for your wedding.


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