Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, especially if you have nowhere to start! Our guide gives you the top 10 things you need to ask yourself at the beginning of planning your big day to kickstart your planning journey – let’s begin!

1. What is our budget?

A no-brainer, but also an important question everyone needs to ask themselves. Even just having a rough budget can be helpful when you start your planning journey, or if you just want to have the kind of wedding you want, no matter the cost – that is totally up to you!

2. What are our non-negotiables?

What is the most important thing for you as a couple? When you think about your wedding, what are the things that you know you want, zero questions? This can be anything you want, but it is super important to jot these non-negotiables down, so you don’t forget them when planning.

3. How big will our wedding be?

Is an elopement for you? Do you want a huge formal wedding? Or just an intimate party with 30 of your nearest and dearest? Or are you planning a gigantic wedstival? Deciding this at the beginning will save you a lot of problems and start you on the right track!

4. How involved do we want to be?

Do you want to plan every step of your day? Or do you want to turn up and see what magic has been created, while you get to enjoy the day without a worry in the world? (Side note – we can help you with the latter!)

5. Do we want anything unique to us?

Identifying what is important to you as a couple, or if there is anything that is unique to you that can be incorporated into your day is important and will make your wedding day a truly you event. Have that burger truck!

6. What traditions are important to us and what can be chucked in the bin?

Look, there are some traditions that have stood the test of time, separate places to get ready etc. However, we are so on board with the idea of you doing what feels best for you – first looks, getting ready together, walking down the aisle together – the sky is the limit!

7. What type of venue suits us and the type of wedding we want?

There are so many incredible venues on the Central Coast that can assist in making your wedding day a dream but knowing what style of wedding you are after will really help narrow down the venues.

8. What day suits us and our friends and families (weekday or weekend!)

Is a Saturday non-negotiable? Or are you super flexible and want to have a weekday wedding? You will have to wait longer for Saturday dates usually as vendors tend to book out early, but if you want to seal the deal sooner rather than later, a weekday wedding might be your best option (and everyone loves taking time off work, right?)


9. What season do we love? Do you hate heat? Do you love Autumn?

Do you hate the cold? Does your partners idea of standing in 40-degree mid-summer heat sound like actual hell? This should be one of your top decisions when picking a date.

10. The timing of ceremony for the time of year – what is important to us?

Logistics are important. In summer you have ample time for portraits after the ceremony, whereas you are limited with light during winter. Choosing your ceremony time balances out how the evening or day runs, so decide this early.

As you can see there are lots of questions you need to ask yourselves at the start of your planning journey, but we hope this guide helps you start off on the right track. We are here with you every step of the way and would love to help you create your dream wedding day. Get in contact with our team to organise a consult and let’s create some magic!


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