It’s no secret that weddings can mean big bucks for a bride and groom. But just how much is too much? And what are most couples prepared to pay to ensure their big day is everything they’ve ever dreamed of? We go behind the scenes with wedding industry insiders to discover the average cost of an Australian wedding – and what you can do to ensure you don’t suffer bridal budget blowout.

Wedding Costs: the facts

Wedding industry experts, Wedded Wonderland, released the results of their wedding cost survey earlier this year and it seems that in 2019, couples are spending an average of $50,000+ to tie the knot. Surveying more than 500 brides who have been married in the past 18 months, led these industry insiders to uncover that the median cost of an Australian wedding in 2018-19 is $53,168*, which represents a 3.75% increase from the previous year, indicating wedding costs are on the up.

How can you avoid wedding budget blowout? 

If this figure brings a tear to your eye, and a white-knuckled clutch on your purse strings – never fear there are a number of ways to reduce your wedding spend. Before you decide to ditch the nuptial celebrations and just elope already, we share with you some secrets on how to reduce your wedding day spend and still create the day you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Decide on your non-negotiables

If wedding budget blues are getting you down and causing unnecessary stress with your husband-to-be, sit down together and sort out your non-negotiables (also known as ‘Priority Spends’). This involves you each writing down your top three items for your big day that you aren’t prepared to skimp on. For you, it might be the dress. For him, possibly the entertainment or the beer tab. If you’re lucky, you might have some of same items listed. This helps you prioritise where to spend your bucks for the big day – and everything else is up for negotiation.

2. Seek help from the experts

While some may view wedding industry experts as an additional expense, many can actually help make your wedding more affordable. Wedding planners, stylists and other industry experts often work with a network of suppliers and can source elements for your special day at wholesale rates or industry discounts. Wedding professionals can also provide you with a one-off quote, incorporating many individual wedding expenses that might otherwise pop up unexpectedly. As well as helping to curb your wedding spend, industry professionals will also undoubtedly save you time and heartache in trying to DIY everything yourself. 

3. Don’t be afraid to ask …

For help, that is. It takes a village to get you married (we’re speaking from experience here), so don’t be afraid to get your village involved to help save valuable wedding dolleros. As well as seeking professional advice, consider the skills and attributes of your friends and family members and put them to work. Could Dad pick something up for you that would save on delivery costs? Can cousin Kevin, who has wicked videography skills, take the footage of your big day? Can your baking whiz BFF make your cake? Consider the talents and skills of everyone in your village and don’t be afraid to reach out to ask them to contribute in kind for your big day.

4. Seek out seasonal specials

Wedding costs can fluctuate phenomenally depending on the time of year, month or even day of the week. Many wedding venues offer on and off-season rates, so if you’ve got your heart set on a particular location, why not consider an off-peak wedding to reduce costs? Tip: Avoid public holidays and popular holiday times such as Easter and Christmas to keep costs down. And if you’ve always dreamed of a wedding at a certain time of the year, consider changing your wedding day to a more cost-effective option such as Friday evening, Sunday lunch or a mid-week special to get more bang for your wedding buck!

Superior wedding style

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