Let’s be real, regardless if you are male or female. Sometimes we can be shocking at decisions. Especially when the decision is based around one of the most memorable and exciting days of your life. For many brides and grooms, the decision about where to have their wedding venue can often be the most important one. Tossing up between the choice of hiring an already established wedding venue or a private property can be extremely difficult. There are many pros and cons involved with both options, so pour a champagne, have a seat and let’s help you break it down!

The most important thing to consider here is cost. Now it may seem like hiring a private property and throwing a big celebration for all your friends and family would be the more cost effective option, however there are actually a lot more hidden expenses involved with private venues than you think. For one thing, depending on the facilities available at the property, you may need to hire extra equipment such as generators, portable toilets, cool rooms and even water facilities. On top of this, you will have the additional hire costs of furniture, glassware, dinnerware and cutlery to create that beautiful setting that you desire.

It is wise to have a contingency plan as part of your budget, in case something unavoidable happens, such as a change in weather which requires you to have marquees. No matter how prepared you are, something most likely will happen that wasn’t part of the schedule. Be smart and organised by having some extra funds stashed away. You’ll thank yourself later! An added cost that couples usually forget about when it comes to hiring a private estate is the cost of insurance. Yes didn’t think about that one, did you?  It is vital that you take out insurance for your big day, as it protects you and the property owners from any unexpected occurrences (such as one of your guests swinging off one of the hired chandeliers until it gives way). Some venues require you to take out insurance, as well as a security deposit when booking. 

Okay so this may all seem a bit overwhelming BUT don’t get us wrong, there are so many pros to holding your wedding on private property ! For one thing, you and your guests will have complete privacy. No nosey people hanging around the park or hotel trying to get a glimpse of the beautiful bride. Just you, your family and friends celebrating your magical day. Private property weddings also have that magical fairy-tale element. It’s glamorous, romantic, and sophisticated and you have so much freedom with how you would like to style your venue. It truly is unique and it will make your wedding one of the most memorable for both of you and your guests.

Now you’ve read this, where to begin? How do you find out what insurances you actually need? Who are the most experienced and valuable vendors to make your wedding the dream celebration? If the list of tasks to chase up, research and finalise seem a bit overwhelming, we’ve got some fantastic news for you – it’s us! Hiring a wedding planner is the best way to guarantee a wonderful and smooth wedding. Madden & Co Events look after everything from vendor hire, to running the events on the actual day. We make your fairy tale wedding a stress- free experience. 

Jen and the team from Madden & Co can answer any questions you may have, so get in touch! Whatever you desire, we can deliver. 


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