Wondering how your wedding is going to look with new restrictions? Don’t know how to start? Lucky for you, we love love and we are committed to seeing it through even the trickiest times!

We understand planning your wedding can be stressful enough but add in a global pandemic? Overload! Right?

So take a breath and calm those worries. We’re here to support and work through this with you. Stress management is our middle name (almost)…

We’re walking you through the lockdown love process, pandemic version and questions our clients have been asking us.

Consider postponing

We’re not here to burst your bubble and know it’s not the ideal situation. If you’re planning on having your international guests attend in-person it’s best to wait a little. Postponing can also give you more time to perfect your dream event! Did someone say create a new Pinterest board?

Organisation is key

Weddings take a lot of planning and deliberating! It’s time to refine those Pinterest mood boards and narrow down your vision. You’ll thank yourself for it later!

Why not start putting together that playlist you’ve been thinking about doing? Spend a night dancing around the living room deciding on your favourite tracks for your big day!

Now is also the time to get down to your vows and readings. Don’t leave it to the last minute, yes gentlemen, we may be looking at you…

Get creative!

Think creatively! What other ways could you celebrate and honour your love until you can have the day that you dream of? How about an exquisitely planned intimate wedding? Or personalising wine glasses with names of your guests so there aren’t any mix-ups? The only things we want to be muddling is your cocktails!

Explore your own backyard!

We’re not kidding! With international travel on hold, how about something closer to home? We have seen some of the most splendid styled events held in couples’ own backyards. Ask us how!

“Should I cancel my honeymoon?”

No! Well yes, if it’s outside Australia. 

Australia is home to some of the most diverse and stunning destinations in the world! With interstate travel reopening soon, perhaps consider an Aussie getaway for your honeymoon? Imagine this…. Cosying up by the fire looking over a roaring coastline in Tasmania. Or sipping wine surrounded by glorious vineyards in The Barossa Valley (SA). If the warm weather is more your thing, try the glorious Whitsundays (QLD) or the pristine natural beauty of Esperance (WA). The possibilities are endless and varied to suit all honeymooning types!

Reassess social distancing and safety precautions

How are these going to look at your wedding? Things are different now. You could change to a sit-down meal versus grazing tables or revisit your guest list. Australia is restricting guest numbers, so now is the time to really have a think of who you want there. Intimate is the new large gathering!

Re-visit that budget

Use this time to your advantage, re-think your budget! What do you really want and need involved in your wedding? You may realise that you don’t need everything you initially decided on in the beginning. Talk to your vendors and planners to work with your revised budget. Don’t forget, simple can still be magical!

Exceptional micro events

How about downsizing your event to a micro wedding? That’s exactly what Taylor and Mitch decided on at the beautiful Bells Killcare. They had a small intimate wedding of 20 guests that were their family and nearest and dearest. 

After having to postpone a number of times and shifting dates due to ill health in the family, they focused on the true reason they were getting married. Which was to celebrate the love they share with one another.

Although it was a smaller wedding then first imagined, no detail was overlooked. Elegant sheer runners and floor-length table linens lined the tables. With luxe table decor complete with gold cutlery, unique handmade crockery and brass candlesticks. Finished with an abundance of gorgeous florals! Everything came together to embody the perfect love-filled event.

Tay and Mitch

Stay positive

Easier said than done, isn’t it? But we’re all in this together and there is a team ready and waiting to support and back you up. Be open to flexibility and change! Adjustments are paramount to ensure it is one of the happiest days of your life.

Remember, you and your partner’s love will still be real and true without the initial picture you had of your wedding and the band.

Lastly, we are all in this together! These are stressful times so let us take some of the stress for you. We can create or modify your perfect day to seamlessly navigate these strange times together.

Images by Barefoot and Soul Photography


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