It’s no exaggeration that Weddings come with a LOT of decision making. The food, the guest list, the decor, the decisions are endless… We need champagne just thinking about it!

Before cracking the champagne and considering it all (crack the champas if you want we won’t judge) there is one important thing that you must decide – Sit Down or Cocktail?

Both options have their pros and cons and deciding which option will be the best for your wedding can be difficult. Luckily, we are here to help ease the stress of choosing by detailing the benefits and drawbacks of both options.

Ready? Let’s do it.

Firstly the biggest factor to consider here is – what is the feeling that you are trying to create?

Do you want more of a formal and elegant reception or do you want it to feel like a big fun party?

Whilst both a sit-down or cocktail reception can encapsulate each mood, each style of wedding lends itself to a particular feeling. How do you want the evening to flow and what is the overall vibe that you want out of the wedding? More structured Royal Family style wedding? Or are we leaning towards Prince Harry vibes?

Sit down receptions tend to be a more traditional approach. The main benefit of hosting a sit down event is that it remains highly structured and organised. It enables the evening to flow smoothly from one stage of the wedding to the next. If you have a particular plan in mind for how the reception will run, from the start of Uncle Barry’s embarrassing speech to the delicious cake cutting then a sit-down wedding may be the best option for you!

This type of arrangement has a influence of feeling more intimate and personal with a dinner- party like feel and really focuses on the gorgeous Bridal Party as well as the delicious food being served. Assigned seating does make it more difficult for your guests to socialise and can make it harder to create that fun upbeat atmosphere.

Cocktail weddings are all about the par-tay vibe! A cocktail reception will generally feel more relaxed and it allows your guests to freely wander and enjoy the atmosphere of the location. This gives them the opportunities to not only mingle with their friends and family but also to branch out and make new friends rather than being committed to whoever is on your table.

Another bonus with a cocktail wedding is the fantastic food trucks and cosmopolitan cocktail bars you can have! These are massive trends for weddings at the moment and frankly we are not surprised – from gelato vans to taco trailers – we definitely say I do.  This also gives your guests the freedom to choose what to eat or drink and when (and how many rounds of tacos they want).

Other factors to consider when choosing a cocktail reception however is the comfort of your guests. Some seating will need to be provided and make sure to consider your elderly guests! Food and drink stations need to be clearly visible so that your guests are aware of where to go to eat. Your guests will most likely be here, there and everywhere, especially after a few drinks are involved so if you are fine with the night not running perfectly on schedule then cocktail sounds like your kind of wedding!

It is important to realise that cocktail does NOT mean cheaper. Generally speaking a cocktail wedding allows you to invite more guests, as you aren’t limited by seat numbers. More guests naturally means more money on food and beverages. Depending on the size of your venue, if you take out the tables/ venue furniture you may be left with a large space that needs to be filled so consider the cost of added furniture hire.

Although there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the style for your wedding, Jen from Madden & Co Events will be able to assist you in choosing the best option for the type of day you are trying to create. Most importantly, no matter which style you decide upon your special day will be just as magical as you’ve always dreamed it to be. Oh and there will be champagne!

Get in touch with Jen and the Madden & Co team via or 0432 802 430.


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